Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Network to NeWorth but what is NetWorth ?

The theme of our book was that your Network is your NetWorth.

Over last few weeks, I have been wondering on the idea of "Networth". Currently , it is measured mainly by $/Rs and other measures like the impact you made on the world, lives you changed, people you helped doesn't get counted in most discussions. However I think that those other non-financial measures are as important and often more important than the financial measures. 

If I made one person smile by a random or planned act of kindness then that is priceless, for everything else there is VIA/MasterCard/Discover/Amex and currency.

If that is the case then why do we undervalue the non-monetary worth of our actions ? Is it just a measurement problem or more than that it is just a priority problem. Money is a measure of value that is universally understood, accepted and valued and hence can be stored and exchanged. Other measures like happiness, health, pleasure, success, helpfulness, taste are difficult to measure store and exchange. Hence the popularity of MONEY as a measure of success.

However if it is difficult doesn't mean we should not do it. In recent years measures like Gross National Happiness are becoming popular. I am of the view that your worth is best measured by you so since no one knows you better than you. Your family, friends and colleagues know you a better so can "measure" your worth. We all do. Whenever we meet someone or talk to someone we are trying to measure them up, consciously or unconsciously. In that measurement the "financial networth" also comes up and hence the importance of your cars, houses, clothes and accessories. However, the measure of kindness, helpfulness, character, wisdom, wit, intelligence are hard and subjective so we go by approximation. This doesn't mean they are less importance. It just means they are hard and not easy to compare. I propose that let us measure our worth in a Holistic manner and in that case your Network really is your Networth. How big or diverse or deep or strong is your network is what will allow you to help others more and hence you are more worthy. Your network is your networth. Increase your NQ and you increase your networth. If need guidance on how then contact atul at

Monday, May 18, 2015

It has been a long break since we originally came with the idea/concept/framework of NQ. In between both the authors got busy in life as usual. But maybe a good idea never dies. What has happened is that we have many more examples and case studies. In last few years multi-billion dollar companies have been created with idea of Network at the core, my friend Prof Ajai Gaur tells me that it is a topic of many Ph.D. thesis and books across universities.

So maybe time for us to revive our book. I changed industry from Financial Services to Healthcare and that industry is going through a Digital Revolution and the idea of network is central to it. So will write some examples from my current Industry as well.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What is Organization 3.0?

Organization 3.0 is a new model of organization, particularly non-profits, to function almost virtually sans any physical existence or overhead by using various free tools of the web 2.0. It is a paradigm that transcends the common world view and takes inspiration from the cosmic theory that all matter is nothing but energy. Organization 3.0 is the spiritual high ground that treats organizations as an energy network rather than physical network, hence making physical infrastructure redundant.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Energizing The Network

The earth is an energy ball. Human body is made of energy fields. Energy makes up everything in this universe.

Similarly, network too has an energy. The strength and vitality of a network is dependent on the efforts that are regularly put to energize it. If networks are energized regularly, they work in an optimized manner.

Hence, management of energy in a network is directly affects the quality of network.

How to manage this energy within a network? How to constantly keep the network energized? Well, this would be the subject of another post. Any ideas?

Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery

One of the most important aspects of developing high network intelligence (NI) would be to develop an "Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery" around oneself. By this I mean, a way or a set-up through which one can explore the universal network.

I am using the word 'architecture' to indicate that the way or set-up has to be in some way structured to ensure optimization of purposeful discoveries. By purposeful discoveries I mean those discoveries that are going to add to the subject's strengths, both at an individual level as well as network level. At the same time, this architecture should be such that it encourages not only purposeful discoveries but also has a perpetual character to ensure rapid aggregation of discoveries either in isolation or linked up with past discoveries.

"Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery" is going to be a key concept to explore the true potential of networks in human life.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Network Quotient - The Road Map

Universe is a network of planets, sun, stars, constellation, etc. all connected with each other with some kind of force. Earth is a network. Human body too is a network of nerves and veins in perfect synchronization. Even the internet and Web 2.0, which are changing our lives as never before, are networks. In essence, everything around us is either a network or part of some network. In a rapidly shrinking world, the concept of networks suddenly assumes extraordinary importance due to exponential rise in number of networks, connections within each of them, and the resultant mind boggling linkage with each other. As the world continues to shrink in future to become a small global village, networks would not only mushroom around us but even become complicated. To survive and thrive in this networked world, more than IQ or EQ people, groups, communities, organizations, and corporations would need Network Quotient (NQ) - the measure of Network Intelligence (NI), the ability to create, manage, expand, and leverage the networks around us using the resources available.

NQ is not an esoteric phenomenon. It is the next step of human evolution. Human evolution started with physical evolution moving on to mental, emotional, spiritual, material, and most recently information evolution. Now, we are on the edge of the next big evolution, consciousness evolution. This evolution is going to transform the thinking and information processing earth into a living, breathing, feeling organism through infusion of consciousness. The power of network is bound to play the most important role in this transformation. Those who develop high degree of network intelligence would thrive in this new evolutionary phase - connecting your inner world to outer world for a two way inflow of consciousness - while those who fail to recognize the importance of network intelligence would simply perish.

The era of independence is going to give way to an era of interdependence. No more the individual capability would be sufficient. We are moving into an era in which our lives would be dependent on a number of variables on which we would not have direct control and which would be inter-linked with various networks around us. Individual brilliance is soon going to give way to collaborative brilliance. Individual power centers are soon going to give way to power networks. A high degree of network intelligence would be required to prosper in this network age. Management of networks and leveraging them would emerge as the most vital competency for leadership in any sphere. You would be as good as your NQ. Your NQ would decide your net worth in the network age!

What are NI and NQ?
Network Intelligence (NI) is not an independent concept rather it is a synergistic amalgamation of raw intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence. It is a manifestation of the combined effect of our various capabilities and strengths and how we use them to seek extra-ordinary solutions in various walks of business and life through the evolving power of networks.

Network Quotient (NQ) is a measure of Network Intelligence. NQ is a factor of -
  • Number of connections in the macro network (Macro network is a network reservoir to tap into)

  • Strength of individual connections in macro network as well as the strength of the "collective mind" of the network.

  • Diversity of connections and extent of globalization in macro network.

  • Ability to build a micro network from the macro network to accomplish diverse goals.

  • Ability to align personal, professional, and social goals with the macro network

  • Ability to manage ego of network and keep the fire of "competitive collaboration" alive.
Why NQ is the future?
Without going into a lengthy discourse, NQ is the future because -

The world is shifting from "problem solving" to "solution seeking" through the power of "collective mind" glued together with "the connecting networks" and powered with the spirit of "competitive collaboration."
With such impending reality bound to hit organizations and individuals sooner than later, it is just a common sense to understand the survival and growth would be dependent on the skills at managing the various networks as well as the ingredients of the networks. Who can be better equipped to handle this next phase of human evolution than a person or organization with high NQ?

The purpose/ higher calling for the existence of the proposed book
The purpose of this book is to -
Trigger a wave of ideas to facilitate the earliest shift to the next phase of human evolution, consciousness evolution, powered by networks. Generate a riot of ideas for realization of the fact that everything is a network or totally dependent on some network for its existence and growth. Illustrate the magnificent power of networks to accomplish unimaginable feats by tapping into the infinite reservoir of knowledge.
If the book is able to generate a critical mass of "network consciousness", we would consider ourselves fairly successful in our mission.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NQ - Multiple application; a new business revolution

The more I am thinking on this the more convinced I am becoming that the concept of NQ has relevance in multiple spheres of business and management. And from this, I think, we could have chapters on application of NQ in various spheres of business.

For example: (Networks in all these examples are human networks not IT networks)

Networked Marketing - connecting with customers through networks; engaging them in business through networks; sharing brand ownership with them, building relationships through concepts of network, etc.

Networked HR - networked recruiting; using networks to find talent rather than wait for talent to find you, etc.

Networked Finance (not sure as I'm not so good in finance)

Networked Operations - using concepts of network to make it super-efficient as well as effective; can there be a new concept like "human 6-sigma"...

Networked Sales - using the power of network to exponentially multiply sales; networked prospecting, networked refeerals, networked persuation, networked closing, etc.

Networked PR - blog, virals, channelizing various available networks for publicity, creationg of unique publicity networks, etc.

Networked Advertising (even this is a possibility) - idea generation through networks; seeking creative ideas from customer's network, etc.

Just an idea that we may love to explore further as we move forward in our book project.