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Network - One of the essential things to tame the future

In February this year, I had written a post on my blog, Taming The Future - 7 Essential Traits For Companies . I mentioned NETWORKS as one of the 7 essential traits to tame the future. In case you haven't read, check it out.

Great Idea

Great idea Atul boss! Well, I too believe network is the key. And by network I don’t just mean "who you know" but also how you create a network of people and institutions to accomplish a goal. You might remember, some time back I had written a blog on using the power of network to alleviate poverty (starfish approach). Even registered a URL for making that idea a reality. But sudden change of role at work ensured postponement of my experiments with power of networks. But I must say that if this concept of NQ gets into a book, it would be a big success. So if you have any co-writer vacancies for this book, please accept my application ;-) Will keep contributing my thoughts on this blog.

Your Network is your Net Worth

This is an idea me and my friend from IIM-A Mohan were discussing last week. Probably same topic have discussed with Mayank also in past. How does this sound as a title for an upcoming book!

Whatz your NQ aka Network Quotient ?

This is an idea which has been bugging me for years. Have always believed that this Universe is nothing but a network. Ok Ok. So does many of the great spiritual thoughts believe as well so whatz new ? Well here it comes. I believe that just like we discovered IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in past and then realized the power of EQ (Emotional Quotient) very recently after Dan Golman's seminal work in this area. Now I believe that in this new "networked world", NQ (Network Quotient) is the next big idea. I have been talking about it casually with friends for years. Even mentioned in some serious discussions on this topic at some yahoogroups etc. But looks like the time has come that I actually write a book on this and popularize the concept. Network is the power. Companies like Google, Cisco have helped us understand the power of computer network. We have had social network sites in plenty and most recently we also have had professional networking becoming very very importan