Great Idea

Great idea Atul boss! Well, I too believe network is the key. And by network I don’t just mean "who you know" but also how you create a network of people and institutions to accomplish a goal.

You might remember, some time back I had written a blog on using the power of network to alleviate poverty (starfish approach). Even registered a URL for making that idea a reality. But sudden change of role at work ensured postponement of my experiments with power of networks.

But I must say that if this concept of NQ gets into a book, it would be a big success. So if you have any co-writer vacancies for this book, please accept my application ;-)

Will keep contributing my thoughts on this blog.


Atul Kumar said…
Dear Mayank , it has been 4 years since you accepted this job as co-writer and also started working. But then change in life status (marriage/kid) brought a break .. now hereby you are served a notice to resume your job with immediate effect this weekend :-)

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