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Network Quotient - The Road Map

Universe is a network of planets, sun, stars, constellation, etc. all connected with each other with some kind of force. Earth is a network. Human body too is a network of nerves and veins in perfect synchronization. Even the internet and Web 2.0, which are changing our lives as never before, are networks. In essence, everything around us is either a network or part of some network. In a rapidly shrinking world, the concept of networks suddenly assumes extraordinary importance due to exponential rise in number of networks, connections within each of them, and the resultant mind boggling linkage with each other. As the world continues to shrink in future to become a small global village, networks would not only mushroom around us but even become complicated. To survive and thrive in this networked world, more than IQ or EQ people, groups, communities, organizations, and corporations would need Network Quotient (NQ) - the measure of Network Intelligence (NI), the ability to create, manag

NQ - Multiple application; a new business revolution

The more I am thinking on this the more convinced I am becoming that the concept of NQ has relevance in multiple spheres of business and management. And from this, I think, we could have chapters on application of NQ in various spheres of business. For example: (Networks in all these examples are human networks not IT networks) Networked Marketing - connecting with customers through networks; engaging them in business through networks; sharing brand ownership with them, building relationships through concepts of network, etc. Networked HR - networked recruiting; using networks to find talent rather than wait for talent to find you, etc. Networked Finance (not sure as I'm not so good in finance) Networked Operations - using concepts of network to make it super-efficient as well as effective; can there be a new concept like " human 6-sigma "... Networked Sales - using the power of network to exponentially multiply sales; networked prospecting, networked refeerals