NQ - Multiple application; a new business revolution

The more I am thinking on this the more convinced I am becoming that the concept of NQ has relevance in multiple spheres of business and management. And from this, I think, we could have chapters on application of NQ in various spheres of business.

For example: (Networks in all these examples are human networks not IT networks)

Networked Marketing - connecting with customers through networks; engaging them in business through networks; sharing brand ownership with them, building relationships through concepts of network, etc.

Networked HR - networked recruiting; using networks to find talent rather than wait for talent to find you, etc.

Networked Finance (not sure as I'm not so good in finance)

Networked Operations - using concepts of network to make it super-efficient as well as effective; can there be a new concept like "human 6-sigma"...

Networked Sales - using the power of network to exponentially multiply sales; networked prospecting, networked refeerals, networked persuation, networked closing, etc.

Networked PR - blog, virals, channelizing various available networks for publicity, creationg of unique publicity networks, etc.

Networked Advertising (even this is a possibility) - idea generation through networks; seeking creative ideas from customer's network, etc.

Just an idea that we may love to explore further as we move forward in our book project.


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