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What is Organization 3.0?

Organization 3.0 is a new model of organization, particularly non-profits, to function almost virtually sans any physical existence or overhead by using various free tools of the web 2.0. It is a paradigm that transcends the common world view and takes inspiration from the cosmic theory that all matter is nothing but energy. Organization 3.0 is the spiritual high ground that treats organizations as an energy network rather than physical network, hence making physical infrastructure redundant.

Energizing The Network

The earth is an energy ball. Human body is made of energy fields. Energy makes up everything in this universe. Similarly, network too has an energy. The strength and vitality of a network is dependent on the efforts that are regularly put to energize it . If networks are energized regularly, they work in an optimized manner. Hence, management of energy in a network is directly affects the quality of network. How to manage this energy within a network? How to constantly keep the network energized? Well, this would be the subject of another post. Any ideas?

Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery

One of the most important aspects of developing high network intelligence (NI) would be to develop an "Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery" around oneself. By this I mean, a way or a set-up through which one can explore the universal network. I am using the word 'architecture' to indicate that the way or set-up has to be in some way structured to ensure optimization of purposeful discoveries. By purposeful discoveries I mean those discoveries that are going to add to the subject's strengths, both at an individual level as well as network level. At the same time, this architecture should be such that it encourages not only purposeful discoveries but also has a perpetual character to ensure rapid aggregation of discoveries either in isolation or linked up with past discoveries. "Architecture of Purposeful and Perpetual Discovery" is going to be a key concept to explore the true potential of networks in human life.