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From Network to NeWorth but what is NetWorth ?

The theme of our book on NQ was that Our Network is Our NetWorth . Over last few weeks, I have been wondering on the idea of " Networth ". Currently , it is measured mainly by $/Rs and other measures like the impact you made on the world, lives you changed, people you helped doesn't get counted in most discussions. However I think that those other non-financial measures are as important and often more important than the financial measures.  If I made one person smile by a random or planned act of kindness then that is priceless, for everything else there is VIA/MasterCard/Discover/Amex and currency. If that is the case then why do we undervalue the non-monetary worth of our actions ? Is it just a measurement problem or more than that it is just a priority problem. Money is a measure of value that is universally understood, accepted and valued and hence can be stored and exchanged. Other measures like happiness, health, pleasure, success, helpfulness, taste are dif