From Network to NeWorth but what is NetWorth ?

The theme of our book on NQ was that Our Network is Our NetWorth.

Over last few weeks, I have been wondering on the idea of "Networth". Currently , it is measured mainly by $/Rs and other measures like the impact you made on the world, lives you changed, people you helped doesn't get counted in most discussions. However I think that those other non-financial measures are as important and often more important than the financial measures. 

If I made one person smile by a random or planned act of kindness then that is priceless, for everything else there is VIA/MasterCard/Discover/Amex and currency.

If that is the case then why do we undervalue the non-monetary worth of our actions ? Is it just a measurement problem or more than that it is just a priority problem. Money is a measure of value that is universally understood, accepted and valued and hence can be stored and exchanged. Other measures like happiness, health, pleasure, success, helpfulness, taste are difficult to measure store and exchange. Hence the popularity of MONEY as a measure of success.

However if it is difficult doesn't mean we should not do it. In recent years measures like Gross National Happiness are becoming popular. I am of the view that your worth is best measured by you so since no one knows you better than you. Your family, friends and colleagues know you a better so can "measure" your worth. We all do. Whenever we meet someone or talk to someone we are trying to measure them up, consciously or unconsciously. In that measurement the "financial networth" also comes up and hence the importance of your cars, houses, clothes and accessories. However, the measure of kindness, helpfulness, character, wisdom, wit, intelligence are hard and subjective so we go by approximation. This doesn't mean they are less importance. It just means they are hard and not easy to compare. I propose that let us measure our worth in a Holistic manner and in that case your Network really is your Networth. How big or diverse or deep or strong is your network is what will allow you to help others more and hence you are more worthy. Your network is your networth. Increase your NQ and you increase your networth. If need guidance on how then contact atul at


Unknown said…
Nice ideas, agree with most of what you say here.
Unknown said…
Great Thoughts ATUL and I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge and understanding to measure the most precious and Priceless Karma of human compassions..Networth of Networkings grow leaps n bounds for right helping attitude people..Your ideas really touches lot of people..Keep writing..
Ravi Kumar said…
The problem is how to measure friends n relatives as networth? N distinguish between them n virtual networth. We often forget that human relation with friend and relatives has more value than virtual networth. We should be careful in treating friends as cloud as this may be disastrous. The networth may decrease proportionally if we mix friends n relative with virtual networth.
Atul Kumar said…
Dear Ravi, Thanks for your comments, In case you forget human relation then that needs to be corrected. There is nothing like virtual networth. As far as treating friends as cloud , in fact the whole universe is a cloud. At different times roles change. Somebody might be indispensable at one point and the same person or organization might become a nuisance at other times. One has to adopt and adjust. In case a network gets infected with virus then anti-virus has to be applied for safety
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Dear Atul Ji,Your view pertaining to human relations is excellent and highly appreciable.I also do support the view of Shri Ravi Kumar and feel in every circumstances the net worth of your own COI with whom you do have an emotional or personal relations ie family and friends can not be measured in terms of financial profile.
But I personally feel that a value based net worth exists for a individual as per the enculturation, whose attitude,personality traits,ethics and gratitude should be taken into consideration as an important factor for the effective measurement of his net worth which can be co related for an effective network.
The ontological view of Adopt & Adjust"/"Virus & Anti Virus" are dependent variables of the term Camouflaging but seldom act positively as an effective problem solving measures in reaching the epitome for the enhancement of Networking Concept.

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