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Entrepreneurs Ecosystems

I keep trying new projects. platforms and switching between them.  Blogger ,  WordPress ,  Facebook ,  LinkedIn ,  Telegram ,  WhatsApp  ,  Instagram   YouTube   and whatever comes next Today I was hoping to resume my book blogs on   and realized that is on Blogger so stumbled here, hence writing this blog. Over last few months have been very close;y  involved with two no-profits, 1)  Spring Run 2020  by  Asha For Educaton SV  and  2)  TiECON2020  by  TiE  where i am a Track Manager for  AI/ML  and also helping Marketing team of  Anand Akella  who is  a  Product Marketing Leader at  Nutanix I am also trying to help  Kamal Anand  who is leading  TiE50  via my contacts in various alumni & entrepreneurship network, Listing excerpts from my email below which has links to many of these networks   Wiki of Statrtup Ecosystems - Thinkers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors Orgs, Events, Investors, Startups . I had developed i

Corona News, Containment Efforts and Lessons for Future

Now that the initial scare and hype have started to settle down thought should compile a list of helpful resources, news, learning and so on. latest: this article addresses evidence over hysteria on Covid19 and worth a read Efforts by Major Platforms LinkedIn Facebook Google Bing What is Corona Virus Disease   FAQ from CDC Few credible and important links about Corona Global  WHO WHO Myth-busters . There is

AI/Machine Learning in the Age of Corona

Since the last few weeks, most business and life globally have been disrupted by the Corona Pandemic. It is a Healthcare & Economic nightmare like no previous one. The possible impact, scale, speed with which it has spread globally and also the response by governments, healthcare systems and communities have responded is unprecedented.  There is a lot of bad news from all over the world especially China where it started and much of Europe and the Americas which it has spread out. I wrote about the role of Network Effects in my previous blog . In this blog elaborate on the vital role that AI & ML has played and can play in managing or containing this pandemic. Over the last many years the technology world has been projecting, speculating & debating about AI & Machine Learning and the role of Humans and Ethics in AI & ML in a wold where Robots are likely to reach and exceed hum

On Relationships

Our family or Friends or Colleagues are part of our network. It can be social networks ( Facebook is the most popular platform) or professional networks ( Linkedin is the most popular platform).  Networking is very often used as a term where you meet new people and try to find common grounds, interests, passions or mutually benefits. It is very popular in business circles, especially among entrepreneurs . Many of the alumni from Business Schools  schoools or Management Schools schools especially in US are taught to socialize with their alumni especially with prospective employers. The same is true for entrepreneurs where you are expected to socialize or network with possible investors or clients. This is also very popular in the social world where young people are expected to socialize with prospective mates and there is a whole industry for dating.  For me, networks are mostly about relationships. It starts before you take birth when two people meet and accelerate after you

NQ & Corona

Covid19 (Corona Pandemic) & needs a High NQ response We hypothesized & shared many years back that the role of NQ  is critical to all beings. Both living and non-living in creation, survival, sustenance, growth, and containment. In recent weeks one topic has captured the attention of all humans across the globe and that is Corona Virus ( Covid19 ). It is scary because it is a Virus ( goes Viral fast). Both the disease as well as the information about it has become viral. Right from the UN & WHO to all the governments in the world as well as Corporations, NGOs are marshaling their resources to contain this pandemic.  Communication Networks have advanced a lot and in the age of the Internet and tools like WhatsApp , Telegram , Facebook , Google , YouTube   LinkedIn , Twitter , Snapchat , Instagram ,  TV , Radio  both good or correct news as well as bad or incorrect news spreads vast and that is what we call them. Often Things go VIRAL and Corona is a Virus so it is

Role of Networks in Entrepreneurship - few stories

Role of Networks in Entrepreneurship . I am obsessed with the power of Entrepreneurship & Networks to influence & change the world for better. When I coined this term/concept  NQ   more than 10 years back during a conversation with Mayank Krishna , he suggested that we should write a book on NQ. We had planned to publish a book, make videos, give talks in conferences and interview people & organizations with high NQ . Later Mayank lost interest or priorities changed after he got married, had a baby.  I also couldn't pursue it very seriously too. However, made some progress in incubating & curating many Entrepreneurs & Alumni Networks via LinkedIn , Facebook , Google , Telegram , WhatsApp   Over the last decade, the world has changed dramatically (exponentially). which is best explained by Ray Kurzweil in his book Singularity is Near . I had planned to interview many people & organizations as case studies in my book, blogs & vBlogs but then life ha