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I keep trying new projects. platforms and switching between them. BloggerWordPressFacebookLinkedInTelegramWhatsApp , Instagram YouTube  and whatever comes next

Today I was hoping to resume my book blogs on https://networkqutient.org  and realized that is on Blogger so stumbled here, hence writing this blog. Over last few months have been very close;y  involved with two no-profits,

1) Spring Run 2020 by Asha For Educaton SV and 
2) TiECON2020 by TiE where i am a Track Manager for AI/ML and also helping Marketing team of Anand Akella who is  a Product Marketing Leader at Nutanix

I am also trying to help Kamal Anand who is leading TiE50 via my contacts in various alumni & entrepreneurship network, Listing excerpts from my email below which has links to many of these networks

  1.  bit.ly/startupwiki  Wiki of Statrtup Ecosystems - Thinkers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors Orgs, Events, Investors, Startups . I had developed it few years back and might need to be refreshed
  2. http://bit.ly/atulinmedia Select Media Coverage
  3. http://bit.ly/NaMo2015 Meeting with PM Narendra Modi at Waldorf in Sep 2015 visit to NY to discuss Development of Bihar
  4. Social Media Maven and Lifetime member of SAJA and have relationships with most media houses with past events having got covered by most South Asian TV, Radio, Newspapers, Bloggers, Influencers
    1. Linkedin 11,000+
    2. Twitter 2,000+
    3. Facebook 1,000+
  6. Government Relationships
    1. US - NY, NJ, CT, California, India, Bihar, Jharkhand, , Gujarat, Andhra, Telangana, Delhi
  7. Universities & Alumni groups that I am aware of and can connect with include IIM, IITs, NITs/RECs, Friends of IIM Society - Oxford, Cambridge, Insead, HEC, Harvard, Wharton, Yale, NYU, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Duke as well as many State Universities like SJSU, SFSU, SCSU etc.
  8. IIM Ahmedabad , IIM Society ( alumni all 20 IIMs), IIM Family (Friends and Families of IIM alumni) ,  1) Telegram, 1,500+ https://t.me/joinchat/FJW19kNQdXqw5Auo-VBNkA 2) LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12141544 600+ 3) Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/iimfriends 14,00+
    1. IIM Society - 7,000+ alumni of IIMs - Asia, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, ANZ
    2. IIMA Global Event as Executive Council Member of IIM Ahmedabad North America Chapter led Media, PR, Sponsorships & Government & got iconic leaders like Ajay Banga, Tiger of Genpact, Harit Talwar and ensured media coverage 
  9. Women Entrepreneurs Network 500+ Members
  10. Bharat Entrepreneurs Network - 700+ Members launched Feb 2017 Delhi
    1. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network - 4500+ Members launched May 2011 Bodh Gaya
      1. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network launched in May 2011
        1. http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report-b-schooliit-alumni-join-hands-to-encourage-entrepreneurship-1550926
        2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whHt1P9ldHYLitti Pe Charcha on 10/10 in around 100+ cities across the world
        3. Timesofindia Polls-spark-litti-pe-charcha-sessions-in-100-US-cities
    2. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network - 1500+  Members launched Sep 2015 Ranchi Jharkhand Investors Summit America 2016
      1. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/jharkhand-cm-in-us-to-attract-investments/1/773304.html
      2. http://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/raghubar-das-in-us-to-attract-investments-116092600183_1.html
      3. http://www.indiawest.com/news/business/jharkhand-chief-minister-in-u-s-to-attract-investments/article_3126e446-8443-11e6-bf7f-43e22cfd87d1.html
      4. http://newglobalindian.com/ngi-stories/business/3656
    3. Organized 
      1.  Litti Pe Charcha on 10/10 in 100+ cities to discuss development in Bihar 
      2.  Meeting of NRIs with PM Modi at Waldorf to discuss Bihar’s Development 
      3.  Organized Patna Marathon in Feb 2011 
      4.  Led volunteer team of World Technology Network in 2011 with global icons like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Ray Kurzweil of Singularity and dozens more. 
      5.  India Against Corruption Movement in NYC . Gathered 400+ people at Time Square within 48 hours and coverage by most major media houses including TimesNow, BBC, NDTV etc. Press release, bit.ly/indiaerupts 16-Aug-2011, New York, India Erupts Again
Below are select Media Coverage Links - consolidated
  1. Bharat  Entrepreneurs Network BEN Launched by on 11th Feb 2017
        1. BusinessWorld Bharat-Entrepreneurs Network BEN Launched For Underprivileged Indian Entrepreneurs Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Bharat by BW on 9th Feb
        2. BW Disrupt Accelerating Entrepreneurship In BHARAT
      1. Meeting with PM Narendra Modi at Waldorf , NYC during his US Investment
        1. Timesofindia Ahead-of-polls-PM-meets-Bihari-NRIs-in-US

      2. Patna MarathonTimesofindia.com - Patna-Marathon-to build-brand-Bihar
  1. IIMA
    1. Iim-ahmedabad-india-ceo-export-factory-atul-kumar
    2. IIMAGE-2016-IIM-Ahmedabad-Global-Event-July-22nd-23rd-at-the-Taj-Pierre-New-York

I have shard lot of links so that easy to know more about them and happy to give a walk through or highlight the key ones. In short I am a connector of people, organizations and co-author of , https://www.networkquotient.org/

Kamal: please let me know if any of these institutions and connects that I can bring to your help in TiE50 or otherwise. Previous president of TiE , Venk Shukla & current ED of TiE Global Vijay Menon had leveraged my help in bringing Jharkhand Government to TiE office on a short notice and Venk was able to get got Gold Sponsorship during the launch of TiE Global Summit in Delhi 2016,  I also attended the event in personal capacity. 

Lot of my links might be more of Facebook than LinkedIn as most of my C level connects are personal and not necessary professorial.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller



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