On Relationships

Our family or Friends or Colleagues are part of our network. It can be social networks (Facebook is the most popular platform) or professional networks ( Linkedin is the most popular platform). 

Networking is very often used as a term where you meet new people and try to find common grounds, interests, passions or mutually benefits. It is very popular in business circles, especially among entrepreneurs. Many of the alumni from Business Schools schoools or Management Schools schools especially in US are taught to socialize with their alumni especially with prospective employers. The same is true for entrepreneurs where you are expected to socialize or network with possible investors or clients. This is also very popular in the social world where young people are expected to socialize with prospective mates and there is a whole industry for dating. 

For me, networks are mostly about relationships. It starts before you take birth when two people meet and accelerate after you take birth. We are born with the genes, education, culture and history and experiences of many generations before that for millions of years or if we want to take it even further then all of are related to each other as we came from the same big bang when all of us were part of that one. I often say it as "I am You and You are Me, One is All and All is one". This is what was also explained so well by Krishna in Mahabharat and is explained so well in many of the Upanishads and Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata of Hindus. However coming to the more practical real world, I love my relationships, few I inherited after birth, few we develop as we go to school, college and then work. Then one of the strongest relationships are formed after we get married or after we join a company. 

Relationships change and evolve. As we grow, often we lose touch with our childhood friends and form new relationships as we join a new school or college. Often few of the older relationships weaken or get forgotten. Few like me are very fond of our old relationships too and value them. I studied in a Military Boarding School, Sainik School Tilaiaya established by Ministry of Defence, Govt of India to train young kids to apply for NDA. Not all get selected but those who do, get trained to become Officers in the Indian Armed Forces. Even those who don't often remain in touch and have a strong bond with each other because of the time they spent away from parents and with each other. We played sports together, studied together, got punishment together. In the last few years we have had new platforms like FacebookLinkedinWhatsApp, Telegram, Google Group and so on so people form their own groups on these platforms are in touch. In earlier days, we used to look forward to alumni reunions. I was in Delhi few years back and had the chance to meet alumni of All Sainik Schools at Sam Manekshaw Auditorium

Relationships are a living breathing entity just like a plant or animals or human and they need constant care and nourishment else they weaken and often weaken. Sometimes they break-up too as we all have developed our personalities, egos, tastes, and ideologies.

The nature of relationships changes as we grow. Our bonds in childhood are quick to form and quick to be washed away like sands on a beach. But as we grow up they take time to form but few very become as strong as the childhood bonds especially the ones formed during our teenage years or in boarding school. When I went to IIM Ahmadabad after my BA(Hons) in AN College, Patna, then it was a very different world. People already had their own friends circle from the engineering colleges or universities they came from. People from IITs had their very strong IIT Fraternity, people from Delhi had their Delhi circles and so on for those from Mumbai or Chennai or Bangalore and so on. One of the strongest bonds were from those who had done B.Tech from the engineering colleges because of the very tough 4 years together. IITs had their own fraternity or hostel based bonds and friendships. Those from Kumaon Hostel at IIT Delhi had a special bond with those from Kumaon and those from Aravali had their on and so on. I am talking about Kumaon because during my +2 at Modern School Vasant Vihar I used to live in Jia Sarai Katwaria Sarai, Munirka and used to go to IIT campus often, mostly for Food in the Canteens. 

After my MBA from IIMA, I came to US after 1 year of working with GE which i had joined as a summer intern in 2000 and had accepted my Pre-Placement Offer as a Transition Manager after my MBA. It was a whole new world. Having lived for 20+ years in India it was a different world. More on that later ....


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