Role of Networks in Entrepreneurship - few stories

Role of Networks in Entrepreneurship. I am obsessed with the power of Entrepreneurship & Networks to influence & change the world for better. When I coined this term/concept NQ more than 10 years back during a conversation with Mayank Krishna, he suggested that we should write a book on NQ. We had planned to publish a book, make videos, give talks in conferences and interview people & organizations with high NQ. Later Mayank lost interest or priorities changed after he got married, had a baby.  I also couldn't pursue it very seriously too. However, made some progress in incubating & curating many Entrepreneurs & Alumni Networks via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Telegram, WhatsApp 

Over the last decade, the world has changed dramatically (exponentially). which is best explained by Ray Kurzweil in his book Singularity is Near.

I had planned to interview many people & organizations as case studies in my book, blogs & vBlogs but then life happened. A lot of detours in the journey of life happened. Relocation from East Coast (NY) to West Coast (SF Bay Area) in 2015 and change of career stream from a regular corporate career with "bi-weekly paycheck" besides various non-profit causes, events & institutions.

During my full-time corporate roles with GE Capital, Genpact, R1, Infosys, Virtusa during the week, on weekends and evenings, I was also involved passionately involved in co-creating and co-urating few institutions like  IIM Society, Bharat Entrepreneurs Network, Women Entrepreneurs Network , Bihar Entrepreneurs Network, Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network  besides volunteering for orgs like IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association Americas , Bihar Jharkhand Association of North Americas ; South Asian Journalists Association as well social movements like India Against Corruption

All of the above was life as usual for many but the key enabler or outcome of these efforts was a High NQ. Whether we organize a social event or political event or cause, then we need these people with high NQ who will bring the audience/attendees as well the sponsors, speakers & media. When I moved to SF Bay Area with my wife due to her transfer from NY to Bay Area, I decided to give more time to my entrepreneurship interests and started my company A++ Ventures. Closed it in about a year but later restarted it as REN Ventures. This is the company I still run, pay taxes for. However, it has not been very successful financially. There could be many reasons, but in the end I credit a lot of my own distractions in social ventures which have my heart, mind and soul. I volunteered even more after moving to Bay Area as this is the place ripe for start-ups. I got involved with TiE , TiE Silicon ValleyTiE Global and also spent more time with IM SocietyBharat Entrepreneurs NetworkWomen Entrepreneurs Network 

The below email from Vijay Menon, ED of TiE Global is one example of how people not very senior or rich or famous themselves but of high NQ can still be valued or leveraged by senior people. I was just a Manager at GE but was being asked to help have Beth Comstock as a Keynote speaker. Beth is one of the role models I have and she had risen to become the first female Vice-Chair of GE
On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 10:28 AM Vijay Menon <> wrote:
Hi Atul,
Can you reach out to Beth Comstock as a Keynote speaker for the TGS in Delhi on 16th /17th December 2016. Pls let me know


Vijay Menon
Executive Director, TiE Global
w +1 408 914 2152 | m +1 650 898 9249 | | | Skype: vijaynmenon | 415 Oakmead Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

I have had a similar experience earlier too when I was working as a Transition Manager at GE Commerical Finance (part of GE Capital in Danbury CT

I could bring my senior from IIM Ahmedabad who was an EVP at GE Commerical Finance then CEO Tiger Thyagarajan as CEO and we also had Ravi Mattu then Head of Fixed Income Research at Lehman Brothers ,now at PIMCO and Jerry Rao , Founder and CEO of mPhasis

I get a lot of joy, satisfaction and learning from meeting and connecting with people, having conversations with them. These people can be powerful people like PM Narendra Modi or CMs of state or VCs or iconic CEOs or Sportsperson or Hollywood star or a homeless person on the street. I treat each of them with respect and try to learn from them like a student and help them if I can. That is what I love the most. Connecting with people. I don't keep a Rolodex in the form of business cards but more in terms of phone numbers on my phone or friends/followers on LinkedIn or Facebook. My Rolodex is on Telegram, Linkedin, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on. Thanks to using Google Voice, I can share my number with everyone who asks because Google Voice allows us to filter or block spammy calls

It the humans in our Network who matter most. By humans all 7 Billion + people but more they will have to be rank order. Parents, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, ex-colleagues, alumni and so on. In my life, few people have played a very special role and they include my late grandparents, parents, sisters, spouse, close friends from school or hometown & current neighborhood, city, state country as well few colleagues whom I work with on daily basis. Few names I know via my social ventures and will like to acknowledge are Santosh Pandey , Tanvi Nalin in Bihar Entrepreneurs Network, Patna Marahon , Bharat Entrepreneurs Network & many others, Prajjwal Sinha of KickHead who has partnered as my geek in chief for Bharat Entrepreneurs Network , WEN & many others, Aparajita Prasad from Metaconnect in WEN IIM Society & IIM Family or many of my alumni like Mehmood Khan from IIMA for IIM Society 


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