What to do during the Covid19 Lockdown

So you are getting bored at home and looking for ideas how to spend time. Yes , this is the best time to rest, reconnect with yourself, your family and friends and learn few skills, read few books, watch few documentaries and movies .. but that is not all. Lot of social work and business is possible. In my view technology has really connected us all and Corona has helped us realized how small we all are and vulnerable life as usual is. Yes We need to realize that we humans are not as powerful as we thought we are. However being an optimist I think that this also makes us realize new possibilities in the changed world. 

Productivity is much higher  for both social as well as business ventures and have found this Lockdown time as very productive time for my social and business Ventures thanks to  few tools that I have been using  while we are all indoors and would like to recommend which many of us might be using too

1) zoom.us for Video Calls ( many video calls every day and didn’t feel like am locked out )

2) https://web.telegram.org 
for large network of volunteers (200,000)

3) https://drive.google.com 

For planning and collaboration with documents 

4) https://fb.com 
For social network , Facebook Live based calls, broadcasts of meetings 

5) https://LinkedIn.com
For interacting with professionals 

6) https://docusign.com/ for eSignatures , no hassles or meeting in person to get signatures for contracts 

7) Power Naps and Walking while taking calls have helped too else just sitting on chair  or couch can be fatal too


Unknown said…
Interesting! Utilize the time at our best.

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